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Headshot & Portrait Tips:

  • Are you trying to portray a tough lawyer or a friendly salesperson?  Think about what your image needs to say about you.

  • You want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing because confidence photographs best!

  • I am skilled in posing all body types & will guide you on posing, so don’t stress- the more comfortable you are, the better your photos will be!

  • Please be sure your clothing is clean and well pressed. 

  • Solid colors, particularly jewel and earth tones or a color that compliments your skin tone works best.  Try to avoid busy patterns that can be distracting in pictures or make you look wider than normal.  Also be cautious of white or pastels which can make you look washed out. Black can also tend to look bulky in pictures, so if you do black, I recommend a shirt with a deeper neckline or sheer or lace texture to add shape and depth. 

  • Long sleeves (at least to the elbow), and pants or skirts below the knee will help you look slender.

  • Jackets & blazers can add bulk.  If you do choose to wear one, make sure it is fitted and doesn’t have large shoulder pads.  Also make sure the shirt under your jacket is a contrasting color.

  • Unless full body shots are requested your shoes are very unlikely to be photographed, so don’t worry about footwear.

  • For pants, stick with black, navy or a dark wash jean.  Dresses also work great, bonus if they have pockets!

  • If doing multiple outfits consider doing a casual and a more formal outfit.  Make sure you have appropriate   jewelry and undergarments for each outfit. Or for a quick change of look bring a jacket, hat, or scarf you can throw on for diversity.

  • Practice!  It may feel funny at first, but if you’re feeling nervous practice posing in the mirror in your outfits.   Hold a pose for a few seconds and practice your "serious" and/or "happy" expressions.  Don’t worry if you are not naturally photogenic, I will work with you to find your best features and angles.

  • Pimple or blemish? No problem!  Photoshop will miraculously clear breakouts, and retouching is included on all your purchased images.

  • Still unsure of your outfit?  Feel free to e-mail or text me pictures of your outfit choices and I will be happy to guide you. 


For the Ladies:

  • Jewelry is great but one dominant piece such as a bold necklace with simple earrings is best, don't overdo it.

  • Your fingernails may show, so carefully consider your nail polish, neutral or classic colors tend to work best.

  • Make sure your roots are touched up.

  • Wear more makeup than usual because the camera will wash you out.  Think of a night on the town.  False lashes look great on camera if you are comfortable putting them on yourself.

  • Professional hair & makeup is also a great option!  I can recommend amazing stylist that will travel to you! 

  • A loose curl looks great in photos to add some volume to your hair, If you prefer straight, please be sure you get it as sleek as possible with a straightening iron and/or hairspray.  Naturally curly hair looks great too- be sure to style as usual.


For the Men:

  • Unless you prefer the grungy look, shaving less than 2 hours in advance or before that 5 o-clock shadow appears is definitely best!

  • If you have naturally oily skin I will provide you with facial blotters to absorb shine. 

  • Not sure on ties or jackets?  Feel free to bring multiple and I will help you decide.  Just make sure that tie is properly and neatly knotted!

The Day Of:

  • It's a good idea to eat beforehand so you don’t get hungry and bring water if you get thirsty. 

  • Be on time for your appointment and don't schedule any appointments or activities directly before or after your photo shoot. You don't want to rush your session or get upset or anxious if you are running late.

  • Don’t Forget to Bring…some touch up make-up, particularly powder and lipstick, as well as jewelry for each outfit.  

  • And Remember – Relax and have Fun! 



For mini headshot sessions we will review your images immediately after so you can pick your favorite right away!  For the more extensive headshot and business branding/ lifestyle sessions  I will need a couple days to narrow down and edit your photos.  We will schedule a remote Photo Reveal where we will go through the images together.  All of the images you choose for your order will include additional retouching (blemish & stray hair removal, teeth whitening, skin smoothing, etc.…). Final images take 2-10 business days for processing and delivery. 

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