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Boudoir Photography for a Good Cause….Celebrate Life Celebrate Yourself

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Meg & Anda recently won a boudoir photo session that I donated to Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center Broads for Birth Control, Chicks for Choice

Anyway…I was very excited when Meg called me to set up her boudoir photo shoot. She told me her best friend Anda wanted to share the session to celebrate their 40th birthdays & upcoming wedding anniversaries.  It sounded like a great reason to take some fun & sexy pictures, and they even got a hair & makeup session included with their package.  They certainly had a lot of fun at the photo shoot & we played around with different props & outfits.  Anda did some shots in her wedding lingerie, which I thought was a great idea, and will hopefully really surprise her husband (most of her pictures are reserved for his eyes only)!  We did the photo shoot at my home studio, which is more of a living/meeting space then studio, but it has been working great for boudoir sessions.  I just have to make sure my husband leaves for the day, and he certainly doesn’t mind the excuse to go out and play with the boys.

Today I booked another boudoir session – for a beautiful woman about to turn 60.  I love how more and more woman are opening up to the idea of sexy artistic images that will document this stage in their life.  Of course the (almost) 60yr. old woman remarked how much she wish she did this 20 yrs. ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if  40yr.  Meg & Anda were wishing the same thing….but it’s always better now then never.  And really, the important thing is to love who you are now, celebrate life, celebrate yourself!   ….oh, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to spice up your love life either!

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