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Denver Engagement Photographer: Fun in the Snow in Golden, Colorado

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Agnieszka & Ryan’s Engagement Pictures in Golden, CO

In Colorado its hard to predict when the snow will fall…even the weathermen tend to get it wrong.  There have been many planned photo sessions with fingers crossed for a white fresh blanket of snow…but instead we had to make the most out of a warm sun & dry brown grass.  For this photo session, planned a few weeks in advance, we weren’t expecting snow so I contacted the couple the day before to make sure they were willing to brave the freezing temperatures.  Turned out they were thrilled with the idea of having white snowy pictures and I was thrilled they were up for the challenge!

Artistic Engagement Pictures in the snow

Artistic Engagement Pictures in the snow

We met up in Golden, Colorado for their engagement session where we wandered around the river, the park, and downtown.  There is something uniquely fun about photographing on a cold snowy day.  It creates a beautiful surreal setting, forces you to move quick to stay warm, and inspires couples to do a lot of cuddling.

Engagement Pictures in Golden, Colorado

Engagement Pictures in Golden, Colorado

Agnieszka & Ryan have so much love for each other and its evident from the warm caring way they interact with each other.  I’m so excited to be photographing their upcoming wedding at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden followed by a reception at one of my favorite venues, Highlands Ranch Mansion.

Artistic Engagement Pictures in the snow

Fun Unique Engagement Pictures in Golden, CO

We were having so much fun with the pictures that we barely noticed the cold.   Well, at least until the end of their engagement session when the sun went down fast, our feet were wet, and our fingers were turning into icicles….that’s about when we decided to call it quits.  But the amazing pictures were so worth it all, and I’m so glad we all braved the elements.  Play the fusion video below to see more pictures from their engagement session mixed along with video clips.

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