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Halloween Wedding in the New Orleans French Quarter

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


Omni Hotel.  From there we rushed to the chapel were every step along the way they were cheered on with “Congratulations!” At the oddly cute & funky French Quarter Wedding Chapel we were joined by Andrea’s father and his wife.  Other family members managed to join in by speaker phone.  The Reverend and owners of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel were amazing to work with and I would recommend a wedding there for anyone looking to elope or host a mini French Quarter wedding.  After toast and cake at the chapel we walked to the St.Louis Cemetery which was a perfect backdrop for a Halloween themed wedding.  Then we headed to the St.Louis Cathedral for more photos before the couple’s romantic dinner at Broussard’s. I didn’t join them for dinner but couldn’t pass on the chance to get  photos of them in their Halloween costumes. So later that night I offered to meet the bride and groom back at the Omni Hotel for pictures in their post wedding costume attire.  They looked amazing in their vampire and pirate outfits and I was so glad to be able to document their second “wedding outfits.”  Andrea & Eric, I had an amazing Halloween with you in New Orleans, and this is definitely one wedding I will never forget!


At the French Quarter Chapel every couple must sign their names on a 1$ bill.  The bill is then hung on the ceiling among the many others who have wed at the chapel.


Getting Crazy on Bourbon St. in the French Quarter!

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