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Lifestyle Baby Photographer: New Orleans, LA

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Pictures for Mother’s Day

This year I thought I would surprise my mom and my sister with a Mother’s day gift I knew they would love…pictures of newly arrived Cody Alexander White.  Cody was born March 27, 2012 and I was fortunate enough to travel home to New Orleans a few weeks ago to visit.  All of these pictures were taken in New Orleans, Louisiana when Cody was only 3 1/2 weeks old.   The amount of love and admiration I have for my new nephew is in-describable.  Sometimes its really difficult not being so close to home that I can just drop in for a visit.  Yet I’m so grateful to have lots of pictures of my nephews to admire.   These pictures stir so many positive memories and feelings for me, that it makes me feel so much closer to home by just looking at them.

lifestyle baby photographer

Lifestyle Infant & Baby Pictures by Nicole Nichols Photography

Babies grow so fast, if I could be in New Orleans every month to document Cody’s first year of life, I would be.   One thing for sure about Cody, he loves to sleep!  I can’t wait to see if he grows up to love trains like his big brother, or to be a fireman, like his dad.

lifestyle baby photographer

Cody gets a close up look at his new baby brother

I really enjoy taking family and children pictures when they are just being themselves.  Capturing a child’s true personality and interests, whether its playing with trains or crying…I think is so more meaningful and memorable then the old-fashioned traditional portraits of sitting people perfectly still in a studio setting.   When I first got into professional portraiture many years ago that was how I trained and I spent years working in a controlled studio setting. But as my craft has developed I’m enjoying more and more “lifestyle portraits” that document the true lives and memories of families at or around their home.  Now just a little secret…sometimes you have to come up with games to have kids, especially toddlers to cooperate for pictures.  For instance, big brother Caleb had no desire to stop playing with his trains to take a picture with his baby brother.  But with some quick thinking I enticed Caleb to whisper a secret into his brother’s ears which allowed me to quickly capture the pictures above within just a few seconds before he ran back over to his train station.

lifestyle baby photographer

Yo, Yo, what’s up?!

“Yo, Yo, what’s up?!”   – You do have to have some patience with baby photography…but if you wait for it, you can catch the best expressions for the camera, soo cute!

lifestyle baby photographer

I LOVE this shot of my Dad with his new grandkid

My father also came to town from Florida to visit (notice the palm tree shirt, haha).  It was a great experience to be there to document my dad’s reaction to seeing his grandchild for the first time.  He was so happy he just couldn’t stop smiling!  I hope I can make it back to New Orleans soon to follow up with more pictures.

I’m curious to know what my readers think about baby lifestyle editorial photography taken in the home like this, as compared to traditional studio portraits….what would you prefer for your own family pictures??  Please leave a comment below, thanks!

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