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Louisiana Engagement Pictures – Tori & Kenny

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


Tori & Kenny’s Engagement Photos in south Louisiana:

Tori & Kenny have known each other their whole lives. Their moms are best friends and used to joke about them getting married one day, but I don’t think they thought it would really happen. But it turns out their mothers were right after all and now these two love birds and childhood friends are tying the knot! Tori & Kenny live about 1hr. outside of New Orleans in the quaint charming town of Pearl River.  Since this couple told me they were not really into “city things” I agreed to drive up from New Orleans for a photo shoot in a friend’s back yard. The yard turned out to be a perfect match for them with a country swing, a pier on the water, and some fun unique objects like an old cypress tree and a fake alligator. I was so glad it all worked out (and I even got some real smiles out of Kenny) because we ended up with some great pictures that will be used to create an engagement photo guest book for their upcoming New Orleans wedding at the Southern Oaks Plantation.  See you guys in January at the wedding!

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