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More Pictures from Bridal Soiree Wedding Show

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Before I got into weddings I used to photograph a lot of models and fashion related events. I love shooting fashion, but it has been a while since I have done it, so I was pretty excited when Eco-Bridal asked me to photograph the fashion show for them.   Below are some shots from Friday night’s Bridal Soiree wedding showcase at Kevin Taylor’s Opera House , and if you haven’t already seen it scroll down to the mini-music video I put together as well.  If you were a bride at the bridal soiree I would love to hear what you thought about the event. I personally thought Flawless, Timeless, & Blue did a fabulous hosting a unique bridal show that was not only an entertaining night out for couples, but provided an intimate real experience for brides….stark contrast to the huge trade show style wedding shows that I’m not personally a fan of.   Brides & grooms to be, what did you think of the Bridal Soiree? And to see the rest of my pictures from the show, go to: Bridal Soiree Photo Gallery

Denver Fashion Show

Fashion Show

Bridal Soiree

Bridal Soiree

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