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Wedding Picture Preview: Kevin & Jelair at Beaver Meadows in CO

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Wedding at Beaver Meadows in Red Feathers Lake, CO

It is always an honor when another photographer, or in this case videographer, asks you to take their pictures. Kevin Stalls, of Stalls Videography, has worked side by side with me on numerous weddings in the past, but I never imagined I would one day be documenting his wedding! Kevin & Jelair are one of those perfect couples & clients to work with. Despite rain, and lots of it, they didn’t let it damper their wedding day one bit. They still had a laid-back, fun, & intimate wedding at one of the most beautiful locations, Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch in Red Feathers Lake, CO.  Kevin was also the first groom to ever call me the morning of the wedding to give me better detailed directions then Google Maps, insist on getting me & my assistant a room for the night, and knowing the time constraints of post production, tell me to take 6 months to edit if I need it!  I won’t need that much time, but it sure was nice to work with someone that knows how it is to be on the other side of the camera, thanks Kevin!! And thank you to DJ Guy for the great music! Kevin & Jelair have been together for many years, through Texas, L.A., and now in Colorado, and they have been waiting for this day for a very long time. The love they have for each other (and for their dog of course) is really incredible and I was glad to be able to share this day with them. Play the picture preview below for just some of my favorite pictures from their wedding day.

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