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Before & Afters

You may be looking through our portfolio of gorgeous ladies thinking, “I can’t look like that!”
“She must be a professional model” “There is no way any photographer can make me look that good!”
Well, you are wrong!
None of these ladies are professional women, they are all normal everyday women- mothers, teachers, doctors, accountants…that wanted to feel and look like a goddess for the day, with pictures that would last them a lifetime. OK, perhaps “normal” wasn’t the right word. These women are more than normal. They are independent, strong, feminine, dreamers, doers, courageous, brave…perhaps not every day, perhaps not when they nervously pulled up to our Colorado boudoir studio. But once they let our professional hair & makeup artists bring to light their best features the goddess in them awakened! Let our artists bring out the best in you, and let me capture your beauty so you can always remember how gorgeous and amazing you are.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

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