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International Women’s Day

Women are taking their power back &
embracing their feminine beauty in all of its unique forms.

Do it for YOU!



What''s Included?

Consultation: Wardrobe, Styling, & Planning Guidance

  • A consultation with the artist to get to know you and review all the details, and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Wardrobe & Styling Guide delivered before your session

  • Day of Wardrobe Consultation

$200 Collection Credit

  • $200 towards the photo collection of your choice

  • Collections start at $899.

Professional Photo Shoot

  • Private access & reservation of our Denver boudoir studio

  • 3 outfits

  • 60 min of photography

  • Posing guidance

Photo Reveal & Ordering Appointment:

  • The reveal of all your edited images with the artist. 

  • All orders for albums, wall art,  digitals, collections, etc... are placed at this time.  

 + $100 Product Credit for each person you refer! Do you know a lot of women that would be interested in being a part of this?  Earn additional product credits by referring us to other ladies. Use on purchase of any products, including albums, wall art, digitals, or even our already discounted collections.

All of this for only $200 ($590 value)


Spaces Limited - Book Now!

First 2 to book will receive a BONUS gift!


Are you ready for your transformation?

When was the last time you felt like a sexy goddess?


Check out this video for a behind the scences look at a boudoir session


About  the Artist

Hi, I am Nicole Nichols, a newly single mother of 2 young children in Denver, Colorado. I've been a professional photographer since 2004 when I started as a school photographer and selling my prints at art shows in New Orleans.  My passion is empowering women of every shape, size, age, and race by helping them feel badass & beautiful through photography! 

Why am I doing this?

Turning 40 was a moment of dread for me initially. The media had me convinced that I was getting old and boring. Well, I just turned 43 and so far my 40's have been the exact opposite! My life has changed drastically and I've certainly faced my own string of challenges and traumas. Yet, I feel healthier, wiser, and more comfortable in my own skin then ever before. In many ways, it's as if life has hit the reset button. What's even more inspiring is that I've met numerous women who share this sentiment. It's a collective feeling of empowerment and embracing the beauty of aging. We've all faced our fair share of challenges, but we're determined to change the narrative. Instead of fearing aging, we're celebrating it. I truly believe that each one of us has a unique story, filled with wisdom and resilience that can inspire others. So, what's your story?

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I wait to do a boudoir photo shoot until I’m in shape and/or loose weight?

As women we all go through phases with our bodies, we want you to love your body in whatever shape you are in RIGHT NOW.  Just imagine how much better you would feel about yourself and your life if you loved and appreciated who you are now.  Being in tip top shape is amazing, and we don't want to dissuade you from working towards your goals, but please don’t let it stop you from celebrating yourself as you are.  It’s my job to find the most flattering pose for your body type and with the right lighting & posing I can also take off 10lbs way easier then spending a few months at the gym!


I want to book a boudoir session but I’m so nervous. 

Don’t worry, everyone is nervous at first!  We will prepare you for your session and once we get started you will have a great time and you will leave your photo shoot feeling like a badass! 


I don’t know what to wear or how to pose.

I don’t expect you to have any experience, let the experts take care of you!  I will guide you through the whole process from what to wear and how to pose from your head to your toe.  


I never like pictures of me, what if I don’t like the way my boudoir photos come out?

If you don’t think you’re photogenic, you just haven’t had the right photographer!  I have yet to have anyone dislike their images.  I constantly get people all the time tell me they have never liked a picture of themselves until they did a photo shoot with me! I'm so confident that you will like your photos that if you don't like any pictures I will refund your full payment minus the $150 we pay our hair & makeup stylist.  


What other costs are there?

Custom portrait products start at $450.  Our collections (starting at $899), are the most popular option, as they allow you to get a variety of final products such as books, wall art, & digitals.  There is no minimum order requirement. You only purchase what you want!  Options to add on more time & outfits & Professional Hair & Makeup

I’m not sure if I have enough money saved up to do a boudoir session?

We offer payment plans to help alleviate the costs.  And can also start pre-payment plans when you book to spread out payments as far out as one year. 


I don’t feel comfortable spending money on myself.

You have worked hard your whole life to get where you are.  You deserve to celebrate that.  Isn't it time you treat yourself to a priceless experience that you can enjoy for the rest of your life? 


Where do you do boudoir sessions?

Most sessions take place in our central Denver studio in DTC.  However, for the more adventurous I’m happy to venture outside or at a unique location of your choice.  I also travel once a year to my hometown, New Orleans, and hold those sessions either in the French Quarter or in a downtown suite.  


 I want to do a boudoir session but I don’t want ANYONE else to see my images!

Totally fine!  While most of our clients love to share their images to inspire other women, it is certainly not required.  We take the utmost care to protect your images and NEVER post anything online without your permission.  Have no fear that your images can stay a complete secret if that’s what you prefer.  

I'm still not sure? 

We know the thought of doing a boudoir session can be scary or daunting.  We want to make this as easy as we can for you. 
You have 7 days to request a full refund from the time of purchase.  Schedule a complimentary call with Nicole within 7 days of booking and we will review all the details and answer any questions you may have.  If at that time you change your mind then we will give you a full refund. 


How do I book?

It's easy,  CLICK HERE!!  We will get all the info to you within 1 business day.  Schedule your consultation call at your earliest convience to answer any further questions you may have and get you all set up at our studio. 



 Based in Denver, Colorado | Periodically also available in New Orleans, Louisiana and Worldwide.

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