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1980’s inspired Photo Shoot in Downtown Denver

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

So I’m a little late posting these pictures….that happens sometimes, OK a lot, with personal projects.  It was the middle of my busy wedding season, so it wasn’t the best timing for a personal photography project, but I had such a strong force of inspiration that I just could not resist.   Last July for the Biennial of the Americas that was hosted in Denver, Colorado, temporary art installations were hung around Civic Center Park.  Bright pink fabric was hung from the McNichols building along with an amazing  art installation erected by Janet Echelman outside of the Denver Art Museum. At night the netting flying over the street came alive as it was lit up with colorful lights & blew in the wind.   At the same time I happened to notice the 80’s fashion trend coming back in style with lots of bright colors & lights.  I was also particularly influenced by La Roux’s music video “Bulletproof” & Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, which could have been made in 1988 and held in a lockbox to be released in 2010.  Whether you liked it or not, the 80’s fashion started becoming trendy again last year, and it is still playing a big influence in 2011 with lots of glitter, knee-highs, and even fanny packs making their way back in style.  So with little time to spare before Echelman’s temporary art installation came down, I found hair stylist Tiffany Trujillo and the amazing model Kat Aszareal to collaborate with me on this idea.  Also big thanks to my assistant, Kameisha Wiley, for helping out before & during the shoot.  The scale and height of these structures were so large that I  did a test shoot with Kameisha a few weeks in advance to help me determine if the idea I was envisioning was even going to be possible.  We all had a great time working on this and now I’ve got a really cool permanent documentation of these temporary art installations.  Below are some of my favorite shots from this photo shoot.  What do you think…are you glad the 80’s fashion is back?  Or did you not even notice, or just pretend to not notice?  Here’s my 1980’s influence on the 21st century….

1980's inspired art and model photo shoot in downtown Denver

1980's inspired art and model photo shoot in downtown Denver

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