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Denver Music Photographer: Alive on Arrival

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Denver Band Photography: Performance and Fun Street Shots around Herb’s Downtown

AOA perform at Herb’s Bar in downtown Denver

It’s always a fun experience getting to work with musicians.  I used to do a lot more band photography when I lived in New Orleans, so its always fun to get to do that again here in Denver.  Below are some pictures of the local Denver band Alive On Arrival, or AOA.  They are a diverse group of musicians that not only cover a wide range of classic hits, but also have their own original jazz infused compilations.  The lead singer and the saxophone player are also the owners of Herb’s Bar in downtown Denver, so naturally this fun intimate music venue has become their home base for entertaining their fans.  Before one of their performances we did a few quick band photos outside around Herb’s and then I documented the first half of their show, as well as some of their bartenders in action.  These musicians certainly put on one heck of a performance and had the entire bar smiling and dancing.  At one point during the show they even announced “shots for all!” and patrons lined up at the bar to enjoy a celebratory free shot.   And since the lead singer is from New Orleans the band also loves to play some jazz and blues hits and southern favorites.  If you enjoy live music I would certainly recommend checking out Alive on Arrival, especially if they’re playing at Herb’s, the perfect casual and fun atmosphere for this extremely entertaining band.

Denver rock band Alive on Arrival

Alive on Arrival posing out side of Herb’s

having some fun on the city streets

Alive on Arrival perform at Herb’s Bar in downtown Denver

lead singer belts out some rocking tunes

bartender at Herb’s Hideaway

guest singer for AOA

AOA perform at Herb’s Bar in downtown Denver

bartender at Herb’s

night picture downtown outside of Herb’s

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