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Monica & Tom’s Cambodian Wedding Ceremony in Colorado

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Cambodian cultural wedding ceremony

Cambodian cultural wedding ceremony

One of the best part of my jobs is having the opportunity to photograph events I would not normally be a part of.  Whether its a sorority rush, a sunrise bike race, or a cultural ceremony, my camera is my backstage pass to a world of celebrations and events. On Saturday I was able to document a Cambodian wedding, which was truly unlike any other wedding I have ever been a part of.  I have photographed Indian, Chinese, Jewish, and a lot of  very interesting wedding ceremonies, but this one was truly unique.  Monica & her bridesmaids started preparing for the wedding day with hair and makeup starting at 4am.  Then the wedding officially started at 9am with the Groom’s Processional where the groom & all the guest enter the home after a formal greeting at the door.  Then a multitude of ceremonies followed including a blessing from the parents, a hair-cutting ceremony, a sword & knot-tying, singing by monks, and other interesting Cambodian celebrations.  Also, between every main event Monica changed outfits (and usually the bridesmaids and a couple of times the groom too).  The bride’s five (yes, 5!) outfits consisted of elaborate beautiful fabrics, complete with jeweled crowns & lots of gold jewelry.The very next day Monica & Tom held a traditional American ceremony at The Mile High Station (those pictures to follow).  Since not everyone could be invited to the smaller Cambodian ceremonies, I put together a slide-show of some of the best pictures to display at the American wedding.  Click the link below to see these pictures….many more to follow.

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