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Custom Wall Art Designs

Are you ready to see yourself as a work of art?! 

Yet you have no idea what size or pictures will look best on your walls? 

No worries, let us help you design custom wall art to compliment your space. 

Simply follow these steps below and let us show you how we can take your room from






1) Take a picture of the wall(s) where you would like to hang your wall art.  
A cell phone camera will work, but its recommended to take the picture during daylight hours. If photographing a wall with a window you may need to raise your exposure or focus on the dark part of the wall so that the wall is exposed properly (instead of exposing for the bright window).   Try your best to take the picture as straight on as possible.  


2) Measure the width of an existing picture on the wall (that is in the picture) or a piece of furniture that is close to the wall. If there is nothing to measure then tape up a large piece of paper.  

3) Image Preference?  Either let our art team select the images from your session they think will work best on your wall or let us know the image #s of the photo(s) you want to use.  

4) Email us your measurements and image preferences and we will create the designs for you!   


That’s it!


* If you would like to have your designs created BEFORE your Photo Reveal then please email the picture and measurements to us at least 3 business days before your appointment.

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