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New Logo Design

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


website & letterhead.  For the past few years I was naively under the impression that as an artist I could design my own website, logo, etc…Well, I finally caved in and went with a professionally made flash website (for my wedding section, still working on the site for my fine art, portraiture, & other photo work).  And I recently decided I also needed a professional designer to do a new logo to go with my new name.  I changed my business name from Nicole Marie Photography to take on my newly married name – Nicole Nichols Photography, & wanted to start fresh with all new marketing & design materials.  It was a fun process coming up with my new logo & I wanted to share the steps involved for those of you that may be curious.  And thank you so much Lena at Your KLMN for helping me with my logo!


Need a graphic designer? Contact Lena Lena Saparov at

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