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Join the Facebook Group to participate

* a Boudoir Photo Session

* $200 LuLa
Roe gift card
* a Massage
 *a spray tan

* a Burlesque Dance Class

*a self-love coaching session

& MANY other prizes!!!
(scroll down for full list which is still being updated)

But the biggest prize will be the love you feel for yourself!


There's only ONE person in your life that will be with you through EVERYTHING until the very end- YOU!!! Yet we spend so much of our energy worrying about what others think, trying to impress other people, and chasing after love & acceptance from others. I also struggled with this. The past couple of years I've been doing LOTS of work around that and have made incredible strides on my own self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love. But like any relationship you have to continue to do the work, continue to take care of yourself, and continue to show yourself some love so you can live your happiest most joyful life. If you need a little boost of self-love join me in the February Self-love challenge.

Hi, I'm Nicole Nichols
Join me on a Self-Love Challenge

How do I win? 

Super Simple, just participate! Every day I'll post a challenge in the group at 7am.  Complete the challenge and comment on the post and you get an entry for each day that you partipate .  Keep an eye out for extra BONUS entry points, for example...receive extra entry points for inviting your friends to the group so they can join in on the challenge too!  

How are winners chosen? 

We will manually count the number of times each person participates and they will be given the corresponding number of points.
# of times you particpate = amount of entries

If I particpate every day does that mean I could win 28 prizes!? 

It does mean that you have a VERY good chance of winning, but I will cap the amount of prizes to no more than 3 prizes per person.

I'm just seeing this, is it too late to start? 

As long as its still February you're not too late! You can go back and do the days you missed, just scroll down through the FB group or do a search in the group for #selflovechallenge to easily find the daily challenges. Just comment on each post so I know you participated. Have fun, and remember, the biggest reward will be loving yourself & loving yourself some more!  


When are winners chosen?  Do I need to be present to WIN?

Winners will be chosen LIVE in the FB group on Friday March 1st at 12pm EST.  If you join us live you can pick your own prize!! Otherwise, we will pick a prize for you and notify you that you have won.  

But you're based in Colorado and I'm in Louisiana, is there anything for me to win?

YES!! Many of our prizes can be received virtually (such as a coaching session) AND I do travel 1-2 times a year for photo shoots in New Orleans, so if you win a boudoir session we can do it in NOLA! 


Prizes Include: 

1. Simple Boudoir Studio Session + $200 credit with Nicole Nichols Photography ($590 value)

  • Private access of our boudoir studio or an outdoor/on-location session within 20 miles of Denver
    - Up to 3 outfits & 1hr of studio time

  • Includes Discover Call, Digital Style Guide, Photo Reveal, & a Fully Guided Experience to help you with outfit choices, posing, and all the details!

  • $200 credit towards the collection of your choice

  • All products including digitals purchased separately


2. A full body airbrush spray tan- by Thuy Dam- So You Boutique-


3. Confident Clarity Strategy Session by Britnie Hurd of Confident Clarity Astrology

  • In this 60 min session, we'll draw up a map from A to B in 3 easy steps. 1 We'll briefly tour your chart. 2. Discover where you are currently. 3. We'll build your Confident Clarity Strategy revealing what is supporting you, challenging you in the next 6 months towards what you would like to achieve. 

  • *Includes a copy of your Birth Chart and Confident Clarity Strategy Map.

4. "Shine your light" 1:1 discovery/coaching session 45 min by Lenka Dostalova of Say YES to Life

This is your time, an eye opening experience if you're longing for a change. It's the realization that there is more to life than what you have been living! Finding what you want vs what others want from you. You will be able to finally speak from your heart and feel what it is like when you're being yourself. Let's find out who you are and how to move closer to your beautiful self so you can shine your light.


5. $200 LuLaRoe gift certificate by Maura Feely

  • Treat yourself to a fresh outfit designed to give you confidence!  


6. One 75 minute EVOX biofeedback session by Kitty Coy ($150 value)
- Release negative emotions to literally rewire your brain for more happiness and self-love.
- Kitty is a Magnetic Mind Coach. She works with ambitious women who want to create or repair their relationships with themselves and others so they feel seen, heard, supported and LOVED!  Read more about Kitty here:


7. Trinity portal session by Lea Renay 

- harmonizes the body, mind and spirit


8. 60 minute facial by Monique Ortega


9. Emotional Transformation Session (50mins) by Regard Tang

  • Many people operate in a people-pleaser mode, especially females. Others tend to self-sabotage and/or procrastinate due to not feeling enough or not worthy of love. As humans, we are deeply rooted in our parents'/caregivers' programming and belief systems. Yes, generational/ancestral trauma is a real thing. Regard could help you recognize why you feel stuck and help you move past it with energy release. 

  • Regard Tang is an energy healer and a medium. Specializing in emotional and ancestral trauma healing. Her services not only help her clients remove stuck energies but also provide the behind-the-scenes stories they have never discovered.

  •  IG/TT: @regardingenergy

10. “Stay Home” gift basket and free home inspection by Kathryn Seehusen

  • best for anyone looking to buy a home in the next year.


 11. Joyōme Revitalizing Daily Cleanser facial cleanser from Alison Rieke ($27 value)

​12. 1:1 Virtual Soul Session by Stephanie Hershey Schoolmeester 

  •  to help you get into alignment and action toward your dreams. 

  • Stephanie, a Soul Alignment Specialist, serves as your guide to illuminate both your life and business, fostering a path for you to FLOW and FLOURISH.

  • Dedicated to empowering women, she advocates for a shift away from hustle culture and promotes a soul-driven approach. With expertise in nervous system regulation, breath,  and energy work, Stephanie helps clients break free from limitations, guiding them to align with their essence and purpose.

  • Check out her upcoming programs/events 

13. One Hour Massage Gift Certificate by Megan Glasscock LMT of Touch of Serenity Ltd 

  • massage therapy studio located in wheat ridge

  •  I focus on working with each individual client's needs to achieve pain relieve and optimal mobility. I use a combination of modalities customized to each client's needs from cranialsacral  to neuromuscular therapy. 

14. Holistic nutrition/wellness coaching session with Mandy Towns of Lunar Wellness and Nutrition

  • 30-min holistic nutrition/wellness coaching session. During this session we will talk about wellness goals and ways to support wellness through holistic nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. The individual will walk away with personalized suggestions that they can start to implement, and the opportunity to continue working together further to dive deeper into achieving their goals.

  • Follow Mandy on IG at @lunar_wellness_and_nutrition

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!!
More Prizes to be Announced!! 

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