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Allison & Brian’s Wedding – Part 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

This past Saturday July 18th I had the pleasure of traveling to the small mountain town of Edwards (located near Vail, Colorado) to photograph the wedding of Allison & Brian. I was super excited to get out of the city and have been looking forward to this wedding all year. It was a long but beautiful day in so many ways and with so many pictures to go through (over 2000 shots, not even counting my assistant’s) I quickly decided I was going to have to break up my photo preview into segments. So here’s part 1 which involves the preparations and the 1st meet up. For the girls getting ready involved doing hair and makeup at the Westin hotel. While for the boys it meant drinks and laughs around the Riverfront.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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