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Colorado Engagement Photographer: Snow in Estes Park

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

nothing but love

Stephanie & Doug love the outdoors and one of their favorite pastimes is hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park.  So for their engagement session we trekked up to RMNP in Estes Park, CO to take a once in a lifetime hike as I documented their love for each other and love for the mountains.   OK so this was really more of a walk with lots of driving, but we had lots of scenic landscapes to get to before the sun set and we lost all our daylight.   The first spot we stopped in the wind was blowing intensely and we were getting pelted with thick wet snow drops…I’m sure there’s a more technical name for that kind of snow but hopefully you get my drift.  It was freezing and it was so cloudy you could barely make out the mountains in the background, so we quickly got a few shots then headed back to the car.  Thankfully the weather in Colorado often changes within minutes.  And thankfully by the time we drove to our next scenic spot the sun came out, the clouds cleared, and it felt like a perfect spring day.  We walked around a lot and goofed around even more.  As we drove to our last stop in Rocky Mountain National Park it started to snow again.  But this time it was that perfect soft powder snowfall that every photographer hopes for when snow is in the forecast.  It only lasted about ten minutes, but we got lucky to actually capture some pictures with beautiful white snow flakes.  It was a moment out of a romance movie, or maybe a comedy, as these two lovebirds goofed around and kissed as snow fell around them.  Doug and Steph are so cute together and have so much fun together that its obvious they are made for each other.  I also love how Doug, who happens to have a design and photography background, designed Stephanie’s engagement ring and found someone to custom make it.  It’s one of the coolest rings I’ve ever seen, scroll down to see a picture of it in the snow.  We had a great time doing their engagement pictures and I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding this fall.

stunning landscape of Rocky Mountain National Park

engagement pictures in Rocky Mountain National Park

stunning landscape of Rocky Mountain National Park

romance in Rocky Mountain National Park

engagement pictures in Estes Park, CO

unique custom designed engagement ring

romance between the aspen trees

engagement pictures amongst the aspen trees

unique engagement pictures

a daring walk on a fallen log on a frozen lake

a romantic moment under the snowfall

engagement pictures in Estes Park, CO

a silhouette under the dusk sky

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