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Urban Denver Engagement Pictures around RINO

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

John, like most men, wasn’t too crazy about having his picture taken.  But after a little persuasion Laura and I convinced him to do an engagement session.  And as you can see from the pictures it was totally worth it…and now I’ve got proof that he even had fun!  Laura & John live in Norway but are coming back to her home of Colorado to get married at the Golden Hotel.  For their engagement session “date” we decided on the upcoming RINO neighborhood of downtown Denver.  The trendy River North Art District is just north of downtown Denver and full of bars, restaurants, and colorful walls that make for a fun evening out exploring among the city streets.

just chilling

And what better place to start an engagement session then at a Colorado brewery!  I love how the brewery re-purposed these old Colorado licence plates to create beer sampler holders.  After Laura & John had a chance to taste test almost all the beers at Mockery Brewing we started with some fun pictures in their matching Ninja shirts.  Then a couple more beers as we waited for the harsh sun to make way for the more photo friendly golden hour lighting.

engagement ring with a beer sampler

fun and silly pictures at Mockery Brewing

As soon as the light become more favorable, we made our way around the neighborhood finding the best urban art, aka graffiti, to use as backdrops for their pictures.   The graffiti in RINO changes up about every year or so, so its great to always find some new walls to use but thankfully some of my favorite art, such as this black and gold geometric design below, was still around too.  And don’t you just love Laura’s engagement ring?  The blue stones on the side make it a truly unique creation.

carefree candid engagement pictures downtown Denver

carefree candid engagement pictures downtown Denver

goofing around in RINO alleys

Even in October its sometimes difficult to find fall foliage in the middle of the city.  But we found just enough around the alleyways to capture some red and yellow colors.

a little romance and a little fall foilage

finding fall colors in alleyways

There is certainly lots of interesting graffiti surrounding the RINO neighborhood of Denver, gracing the walls of business, the alleyways, and even the food trucks.   We couldn’t resist getting a silly shot with this taco truck below.  As you can see below we definitely had some silly moments…I think I was pretty successful breaking the Brit from his shell…or maybe it was the beers?

we just couldn’t resist

urban art isn’t always what it seems

urban engagement pictures in Denver

a little game guaranteed to induce laughter

having some silly fun

I think John’s favorite part of the whole evening was when we found a food truck specializing in pasties, a British pie stuffed with beef and vegetables that fits perfectly in your hand and taste like heaven…or like a meat pie.  John is from England so he was delighted to have a long missed memory of home to bite into.  I didn’t get a chance to try one but they did look really good and even John was impressed, so I certainly won’t pass one up next time I see The Pasty Republic food truck.

a break for some food

the way to a man’s heart…

This painted wall below was by far my favorite find of the day.  You can’t even call a lot of this art “graffiti,” it just doesn’t seem to do it justice.  I can’t even imagine the time and talent it took to create so much of the amazing artwork found around the RINO art district.  This one below is more of an urban masterpiece in my opinion.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of the name of this artist, as she or he is definitely someone I would love to follow.  If you know who the artist is please leave a comment, I would love to know!

my new favorite graffiti wall

To finish our adventure we took a slightly rebellious detour to a hidden spot across from downtown that with a little fence hopping gives you a perfect view of the Denver skyline.  It was certainly a unique way to end the night and to capture one last picture of this fun free-spirited couple before they are married.  I am however super excited about their wedding coming up really soon!  It’s not only going to be a unique creative wedding but will for sure be a lot of fun!  I would tell you why but then I would ruin the surprises.  So just check back in for a glimpse of their wedding pictures to come!

the city at night

one more picture with the Denver skyline

a little adventure to capture the Denver skyline

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