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Denver Engagement Photographer: Romance at Red Rocks

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

a little fun and romance

Ann and Matt are huge music fans, Matt even teaches guitar for a living.  So when choosing a location for their engagement pictures it made sense to go to their favorite place to see concerts, Red Rocks.  Not only is Red Rocks the best concert venue in Colorado…or possibly in the world, but it has a stunning landscape perfect for pictures.  We first made a stop in downtown Morrison for some unique pictures in front of the license plate wall and on the bridge shown below.  Ann wanted to capture some portraits with her aging dog so they took him along for a few pictures too.  The weather was so nice that everyone was out hiking and touring around Red Rocks, so we had to dodge a lot of pedestrians and cars, but we still had fun and I can not wait for their wedding this fall!  I love this couple’s romantic free-spirit.  And the fact that she has a non-traditional blue stone for her engagement ring, shows how they are not afraid to be a little rebellious and do something unique and all their own.  And I know from talking to Ann & Matt that their wedding day is going to truly reflect their personality- laid-back, fun, and a little different…with of course lots of music tied into it.

fun engagement pictures on bridge in downtown Morrison

engagement pictures on the license plate wall in downtown Morrison

Ann & Matt with their beloved dog

engagement pictures at sunset with their dog

we had to dodge lots of cars for the picture under the tunnel, but it was worth it

awesome unique blue engagement ring

stunning landscape for pictures

a little fun and romance

unique engagement pictures at Red Rock

getting silly

unique engagement pictures at Red Rocks

romantic silhoutte at sunset

one last kiss at Red Rocks

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