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Denver Engagement Photographer: Having Fun on Broadway

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Melissa & Chris wanted to do their engagement pictures where they hang out most, in their neighborhood along South Broadway.  I happen to live, and also hang out a lot, in the same neighborhood so I was really excited to do their engagement pictures around here.  We were lucky it was a nice warm day and we still had some fall color on the trees.  We had fun walking up and down the strip and stopping for pictures along the unique boutiques and shops along the way.  We had to stop for ice cream at Sweet Action, get pictures with some of the cool lights by the Mayan at night, and “true love” also made an appearance…scroll down to see what I’m talking about.  😉

Engagement Pictures on South Broadway

strolling down South Broadway near downtown Denver

urban engagement pictures in Denver

Their favorite neighborhood dining spot- Gary Lee’s

engagement pictures at Sweet Action ice cream

True Love on South Broadway

urban engagement pictures in Denver

Fall Colors on South Broadway

Fall Colors on South Broadway

Enjoying a view of downtown Denver from a neighborhood bar

engagement ring

Night Pictures in front of Mayan Theater

Night Pictures on Broadway

Night Pictures on Broadway

OK, that was a lot more pictures then I normally post for an engagement session, but I couldn’t help it, this couple was awesome to photograph and I love having the chance to show off my neighborhood!  Thanks Melissa & Chris for being so great to work with.  I’ll hopefully run into you on Broadway, otherwise see ya at your wedding in 2015!

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