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Denver Wedding Photographer: Intimate LGBT Wedding

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Kevin & Brad’s Laid-Back yet Sophisticated Backyard Wedding

wedding bands

Kevin and Brad did not just have a wedding, they had a farewell party too. They celebrated not only their love for each other, but the end of this chapter of their lives in Denver.  They were retiring, selling their home, and moving to one of my favorite places in the world- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  And what better way to end this chapter than getting married and hosting a party in their gorgeous green backyard before packing up all their things and moving to the beach.

I was honored to be in the background documenting the event as they celebrated with their closest friends and family that flew in from all over the country to see them.  The had an intimate and beautiful wedding ceremony led by their dear friend, Lynn, whom you could tell was extremely close and important to them.  I also made sure to take a lot of family portraits because I could tell it was a rare opportunity to have so much of their family together in one place.  And since this home, that they would only occupy for a few more weeks, was so important to them I also made sure to capture Kevin and Brad in their favorite rooms and to even use the house as the background for some of the pictures.

Their wedding was simple but elegant, laid-back but fun.  Check out some of my favorite pictures from their wedding day below.  And thank you Kevin and Brad for being great to work with.  They were so friendly and laid-back, and they even offered me a place to stay next time I visit Puerto Vallarta!  See you there for wedding anniversary portraits on the beach perhaps??  😉

helping each other get ready for the big day

cuff links on a colorful tie

Isn’t this room gorgeous? I really want a chandelier like that!

classic timeless wedding portraits

fun on the piano before the ceremony

family wedding portraits

fun family photos

male wedding portraits

capturing an intimate moment between the grooms

a farewell moment to their Denver home

capturing an intimate moment before the ceremony

Kevin is escorted down the aisle by his children

their friend performs the ceremony

an intimate GLBT wedding ceremony

their dear friend performs the ceremony

embracing for a lifetime

“I Want to Hold Your Hand” in marriage and forever

time for toasts

wedding toasts

even the kids were enjoying the toasts

simple and elegant blue and white wedding details

one elegant long table for everyone and lots of yummy food

cake cut time

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”

hand in hand in marriage

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