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Diane’s 50th Birthday Party – Texas style in Colorado!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The day before Diane’s Texas themed birthday party it was snowing and freezing cold, but the decorations still went up and more heaters were on demand to prepare for the following day’s event. Luckily, by the next day the snow had melted and the tent had warmed up comfortably. The big screen started working just in time to catch the second half of the Bronco’s killer game, the bull was saddled and ready to be ridden, the armadillo was ready to be eaten (cake that is), and Diane was remarkably dressed in her stylish black and red western gear with matching tall boots and hot pepper necklace. It turned out to be a remarkable party with dance lessons, balloon artists, and lots of games and activities to keep everyone entertained. The large tent was decked out in decorations, including a framed collection of Diane’s personal photos throughout the years and original Life magazines on display from 50 years ago! It always amazes me to see how much photography changes and repeats itself. Diane’s elegant high school senior portrait wouldn’t impress most of today’s students that prefer the grungy graffiti backgrounds. However, the Life photos reminded me of the antique filters I use on some of my images which seems to be a returning trend. Happy Birthday Diane, and hope to see you at your 100th and many more!

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