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Inspiration from Celebrity Weddings

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Generally speaking a wedding is a very personal experience. You may have dreamed about how it will look your whole life – and even if you haven’t, you’ll wind up spending months putting it together to be just the way you and your partner imagine. Particularly from a visual standpoint, when you consider how the photos are going to look and what the prevailing images of your wedding will be, your personal touch will be all over the finished product. With that said, most couples also look for some inspiration during the planning process, and sometimes celebrity weddings can be just the place to look. Granted, most celebrities are able to spend more on their weddings than the average couple can, and that includes being able to frame the images we see as particularly beautiful and glamorous. But you don’t need to imitate an entire celebrity wedding in order to be inspired by one. Sometimes, little touches here and there can give you excellent ideas both for planning your wedding and for thinking of the types of images you ultimately want to capture of it. In keeping with this notion, I’m taking a look back at some of the most gorgeous celebrity weddings I’ve read about and seen photos of in the last year or so in hopes you will find some inspiration for your wedding. Kate Upton & Justin Verlander This is one of the quieter celebrity power couples we have going right now. Kate Upton has become one of the most famous models in the world (and with good reason), and her handsome hubby Justin Verlander is one of Major League Baseball’s most dominant pitchers. Yet for some reason we don’t tend to see too much of these two, as a couple at least, in the headlines. Their wedding made a bit of a splash however, in part because it was a whirlwind affair that they almost missed because Verlander was playing in Game 7 of the World Series! The wedding was also incredibly beautiful though, staged in an idyllic venue in Tuscany surrounded by gorgeous views and tons of flowers. Now, I know we can’t all take off to Tuscany or afford a $100K florist bill, but one minor (and very affordable detail) that I loved from their wedding was when they had their guests throw rose petals when they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. I’ve worked hundreds of weddings and have only seen this once, shown below. So if you are looking for something a little extra for your wedding day, consider a rose petal toss.

rose petal toss at Della Terra Mountain Chateau

a fun rose petal toss

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian Here we have another celebrity power couple, even if Ohanian isn’t necessarily a household name, as the co-founder of Reddit. Williams, on the other hand, is the greatest tennis player of all time and someone who’d been making particularly remarkable headlines of late. Considered to be a favorite at Wimbledon despite a year off from the sport and serious health complications after the delivery of her first child, Williams remarkably made it all the way to the final this July. Even so, I’m betting the real highlight of her last year was her unique and gorgeous wedding to Ohanian. Held at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans (and with the couple’s then-newborn baby girl in attendance) it felt like a beautiful blend of modern style and an almost Greek or Roman royalty aesthetic. While I have not yet photographed a wedding at the CAC in NOLA, I have done many weddings in New Orleans and Denver with a similar style that mixes warehouse with contemporary and historic decor. The Denver Art Museum, pictured below, is one such place that comes to mind. It has a variety of rooms to choose from that let you create your own unique setting with a blank canvas. And if you’re looking for a photographer for your Contemporary Arts Center wedding please let me know, it’s on my wish list!

Denver Art Museum wedding

a unique venue for your wedding at the Denver Art Museum

Tara Lipinski & Todd Kapostasy It’s hard to believe that Tara Lipinski is only 35 years old and just getting married, but that’s what happens when someone is in the public eye from a very young age! Lipinski won a gold medal for the United States in the Winter Olympics in 1998 when she was still very much a teenager, which may explain why you probably feel like you’ve known her all your life! But Lipinski tied the knot with sports producer Todd Kapostasy in Charleston last year, and judging by the photos it was just about the epitome of how you can let natural surroundings do the work in creating a beautiful wedding atmosphere. The floral arrangement the two got married under, as a sort of altar, was truly incredible, and I’m sure quite a feat for their florist. While their endless supply of flowers was stunning you don’t need hundreds of flowers to make a statement. Just a simple arrangement with some flowy fabric can be just as gorgeous. Or even add some dead branches for a unique entrance to your ceremony site as shown below.

romantic floral wedding decor at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

gorgeous floral altar at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Okay, so this is one we’re just kind of tossing in because it was nice to look at. You can’t do too much to imitate a royal wedding grand enough that the whole world tuned in to watch it and celebrated it like some sort of cultural festival. But seriously, how beautiful was the royal wedding? I didn’t watch the whole thing but I did love that they broke tradition by going with an African-American pastor who it was reported “stole the show” with his words. Confession..I looked for a black Baptist pastor for my New Orleans wedding, someone that would give a dramatic emotional sermon that would make everyone listen or stand up and dance! While I wasn’t able to find someone just like I envisioned, I did find the perfect officiant that made the crowd laugh and smile and was a perfect fit for our fun non-religious ceremony. So take the time to find someone right for your wedding ceremony, whether its the pastor of your church, or an entertaining drag queen like this unique intimate wedding had below!

unique intimate wedding with a drag queen officiant

unique intimate wedding with a drag queen officiant

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