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Lifestyle Baby Photographer: Baby Reese in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Denver portrait photographer

Baby Pictures of sleeping Reese at home

While I was in New Orleans last week to photograph a wedding, I had the opportunity to do some baby pictures.  Must be something in the air, or the spring season, seems to be lots of babies in New Orleans lately.  And lucky me to be able to spend some time with them, and take their first professional portraits.  These pictures are of my new cousin Reese at only six weeks old.

lifestlye newborn baby pictures and dog

lifestyle newborn baby pictures and dog

I especially love this shot of their dog jealous for attention.  I think he was saying  “It’s not fair, why don’t you take my picture?!”

The many personalities of newborn babies

The many personalities of newborn babies

A split second smile….followed by lots of crying!  You can never predict the moods of the newborn.  That’s one reason why for baby portraits that I like to travel to the parent’s home.  Sometimes it can take a couple hours with them to capture the baby sleeping, waking, crying, laughing, and all their many other cute expressions.

lifestlye newborn baby pictures

lifestlye newborn baby pictures by Denver photographer

I love photographing babies little bitty toes & fingers.

Denver portrait photographer

Baby Reese

In this picture Reese looks just like her mom.  Strange how a newborn can resemble an adult just by their most basic facial features. To see a few more baby pictures click play on the slideshow below:

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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