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Ms.A | Colorado Outdoor Boudoir

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Colorado Outdoor Boudoir

Boudoir Photography is the Perfect Unique Wedding Gift

Ms. A contacted me shortly after getting engaged. She is planning a wedding for next summer and wanted a fun keepsake gift for her finance and decided a boudoir photo shoot would be perfect! She was originally planning on her boudoir pictures being a wedding gift. However, she was so excited to have these gorgeous photos, taken in the great outdoors of Colorado, that there was no way she could wait a whole year to show him these pictures!

brave and bold with intimate outdoor portraits for women

Colorado Outdoor Boudoir Photography Takes a Brave & Adventurous Soul

Ms. A describes herself as “spontaneous, caring, confident, & open”. She didn’t mind taking a small risk of other people possibly seeing her posing in her lingerie or topless if it meant getting to do an outdoor photo shoot. And we got lucky, we had one passerby the entire time and they didn’t even notice us.

brave and bold with intimate outdoor portraits for women
a goddess boudoir photo shoot near Denver, Colorado
brave and bold with intimate outdoor portraits for women
a goddess boudoir photo shoot near Denver, Colorado

Want To Hear About Ms. A’s Boudoir Experience?

Read her interview below or play the audio file below to hear Ms.A talk about her experience doing an outdoor boudoir photo shoot with Nicole Nichols Photography.

boudoir portraits taken outside of Denver, Colorado

How did you feel before vs. after your shoot?

“, I felt like it was just another photoshoot. Except I just didn’t have very many clothes on. I don’t know if that’s just me, but you made me feel like it was just another photoshoot. I felt so comfortable!”

How did you feel about doing your session outside? Were you nervous about other people seeing you?

“No! I knew there could be other people there in the area, but I’m a very outgoing person, so it didn’t phase me.”

How did you feel after seeing your photos?

BLOWN AWAY. I didn’t think I could look like this! I’m one of those people that will take a selfie like 12 times to try to get it right – whether it’s because I don’t like my hair, I don’t like my smile, my double chin, you name it! But I absolutely fell in love with the photos you took of me!”

Colorado Outdoor Boudoir

Are you interested in Colorado Outdoor Boudoir Photography?

With the incredible scenery we have at our fingertips its the perfect way to celebrate yourself and the great outdoors! Feel like a goddess with an outdoor boudoir session that will bring out your inner beauty, reconnect you with nature, and leave you with works of art you can enjoy forever! While it makes a great unique gift for a loved one, most women do it as a gift for themselves. However, our time is very limited in Colorado for having warm enough weather for taking your clothes off outdoors. And summer dates book up fast, so don’t hesitate on getting your photo session booked today! Contact Nicole Nichols Photography for more information, you deserve this!

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