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Two Art Exhibits in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Art and photography are my passions and when I’m not busy shooting weddings or editing portraits I can often be found scoping art galleries or working on my own fine art images. Sometimes its tricky to get into shows out of state because the gallery owners often require the artists to be there for the opening plus there’s the cost of shipping heavy and fragile framed pieces. But lucky for me I happened to have weddings booked in New Orleans for 2 recent shows. The first one was a “Push Pin” show (no framing – yea!) and I had the pleasure of hanging my abstract nature images below.


Fall Kaleidoscope


Louisiana Swamps


An Aspen View


Push Pin show (Yes those are wigs, No it wasn't Mardi Gras)


Me at the PushPin show (photo by my sister)

For the 2nd show I was back in New Orleans for another wedding and one of my pictures was recently selected for the juried show “Forever Hold Your Peace” also held by the New Orleans Photo Alliance. I still remember the moment I snapped this photo. I was photographing a wedding at the Chateaux in Broomfield, Colorado. The flower girl was very antsy and running around showing off how she could cross her eyes. It was time for photos and it took a bridesmaid and a mother’s persuasion to get this girl to wear her headpiece. You can view more of the images from this show by going to:


Uncooperative Flowergirl

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