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You Deserve This – New Must Have Boudoir Products! | Denver, CO Boudoir Photography

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Over the past year I have been researching and testing out lots of new boudoir products.  Ladies love to have these gorgeous boudoir photography products for themselves and also to gift to their husband or significant other. And as an artist I’m pretty picky about how my boudoir photography is displayed and I want to make sure my clients have the best quality products that will make them swoon! 

Let it be Luxurious!

My absolute favorite new found this year are the Luxury Albums. I have been offering custom made albums for the past 10+ years and I thought I had the best I could find till I saw these!  The velvet paper, the acrylic cover, the gold or silver gilding, and the custom box all make for a gorgeous boudoir album, superior to any I’ve seen before!


Companion Albums

I was stoked to discover the Luxury Albums, and then just last week I found out they are also now offering these companion albums!!  Want to get an album for your husband or significant other but really want to keep some of your boudoir pictures for yourself too?  Now you can both have one!!  This is also perfect for spouses that travel a lot.  Give them the smaller version to take with them on their trips and keep the larger luxury album at home.  These are exact duplicates on the inside of your larger album but can have a slightly different cover.  I have a feeling all my boudoir ladies with lovers are going to want one of these!


Acrylic Art

These new acrylic prints have the illusion of being glass. They shine and glisten in the sun, and look great on everyone! …hehe I like to rhyme sometimes. 😉 You can set the smaller ones on an easel on your bed stand or they can be hung on the wall. The bedroom should be a private sensual space and decorating your walls with gorgeous photos that make you feel sexy and confident are a perfect to wake up & end the day with that reminder of how bad-ass & beautiful you are !


Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Want a cute little accordion book that can fit in your purse, or even your pocket!  Check out these adorable mini pocketbooks!   These are perfect for showing off to friends without toting around your huge album.  Or save it for the holidays and stuff it in your spouse’s stocking for a fun surprise on Christmas morning!


Bringing Back the Peep Show!

Want something fun and different for yourself or to give your significant other? Did you know we can even create your own personal peep show? Check out this retro viewfinder! How many of you had one of these as a toy in the 80’s? But this one is not for kids! This is a toy for your spouse to have fun with! OR for YOU to feel that your childhood dream of starring in your own viewfinder show has finally come true!


Secure those Digitals

Some girls only want an album or prints, but lots of ladies also love to have the digitals for themselves.  I recently got a new order of these wholesale USB drives and I LOVE the dark mahogany wood these came in, so elegant and unique!  Quality is also really important to consider with USB’s, I can’t tell you how many I ordered online that ended up not working at all or going bad after some time…scary if you’re storing your pictures on them!  But happy to say these are fast and working great! 

Collect All Your Favorites

If you are like most women, you will want a little bit of everything!  The album of your favorite pictures, the companion copy for traveling, the wall art for your bedroom, the digitals for sharing with your closest friends…so many options, and that’s not even all of it!  Therefore, the majority of my clients go with one of the “Collections,”  which is meant to provide you a little bit of all your favorites for a discounted price.  Of course, a la carte options are always available too, but if you want the best bang for your buck Collections are definitely the way to go! 


I have a lot of other options as well such as fine art print boxes, canvas & metal wall art, little black books, and more! You can see more samples of my boudoir product options here.

And if you are ready to schedule your own boudoir session or have questions about the process I am more than happy to chat with you! Fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you!

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