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4 Reasons NOT to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

1) Your Uncle Jack has offered to do it and it doesn’t matter to you if his camera is still film and if his style is way outdated, because you’re just hoping he stays so busy documenting your day that he has no time to make a fool of himself on the dance floor or tell his annoying stories to your friends.

2) Everyone will be bringing their cameras plus you have disposable cameras! It’s OK if you only get half of those photos back or everyone’s photos are blurry from drinking too much, at least you can tell your guests that their photos are all you have to remember your day by.

3) Your friend Amy is an art student and has the coolest newest camera! It’s OK that she doesn’t have a backup camera because computers never fail, especially on wedding days, and who needs all those fancy lens and lights anyway? She may have only photographed trees and clouds up to now, but how hard can it be to organize 20 family members for a photo and to catch a good shot of the kiss  from 50ft. back? Plus she always complains about having her picture taken, so she’ll be glad that she won’t actually be in any of the photos.

4) He triple-dog-dared you to marry him, and you really just wanted a huge party and a new white dress. You know you’re going to dump him after the honeymoon, so there’s no need for a wedding album to show to your grand kids one day.

If these sound like reasons why you DO want a professional wedding photographer, then be sure to consider Nicole Nichols Photography!

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