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A Las Vegas Wedding Story….& Elvis

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Where do you get a beer drinking bride & groom, and a fight with Elvis??   ONLY in VEGAS!!

Las Vegas, NV wedding portrait by Destination wedding photographer Nicole Nichols

Las Vegas, NV wedding picture

Watch the drama unfold as a drunk couple stumbles to a late night Las Vegas chapel for a wedding they will never forget! This photo story is full of fighting, romance, and laughter!Rated PG-13

[mbspremium slideshow=1] In case you were wondering…NO this was not a real wedding!  These are all pictures I took during a photo shoot that was staged by international destination wedding photographer, Anthony Vazquez for the annual WPPI convention held in Las Vegas last week.  The couple were not models, but an actual bride & groom (to-be) whom are clients of Anthony’s.  They agreed to fly down from NY for the weekend to pose for this mock photo shoot.   But they certainly proved to be great models, I’m sure all the PBR beer helped  😉   Even Elvis, whom owns & runs the Graceland Wedding Chapel took some time out of his busy schedule (his chapel performs between 7,500 – 8,000 weddings annually!!) to get in on the show.  I was very lucky & extremely grateful to be one of the few photographers that Anthony took on his mystery photo shoot.  Anthony & his staff took the time to show us some lighting tricks & share some photography tips as we cruised around Las Vegas with cameras in tow.   Thank you to Anthony Vazquez, Graceland Wedding Chapel, Elvis, & the beautiful bride & groom for all coming together to put this on, it was a blast!!

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