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Denver Engagement Photographer: A Surprise Adventure

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Jay & Lee-Ann came to Colorado for a fun romantic vacation.  Little did Lee-Ann know that Jay had much more planned then she expected.  A couple of days into their trip, while on a hike in Steamboat Springs,  Jay proposed to Lee-Ann behind a beautiful waterfall.  She said “Yes” and then he also surprised her with an engagement session adventure around Denver.  Jay and I set everything up and he even added on an extra hour so we they would have time to explore the area and get a wide variety of engagement pictures.   I suggested downtown Denver as well as traveling to Red Rocks, so we could get a unique mix of Colorado landscape and colorful urban scenery.  Neither of them had been to Red Rocks before nor seen much of Denver so it was fun getting to be their tour guide and show them new places.

Love at Red Rocks

We started out at Red Rocks and they shared their love stories with me.  They used to work together and after a while of flirting they finally set up a date.  They disagreed about who asked whom out, but soon knew after a few dates that they really had something special together.  And  you can certainly tell by how these two lovebirds interact that they were meant for each other.

Romance at Red Rocks

Since Jay scheduled a three hour session we had some extra time to play, which inspires me to do something special that I don’t always have the time to do.   Check out these fun unique photo montages below. The first one is an animation, fun to watch but not something that could ever be printed, so its only viewable by digital display.  The second one collages multiple images together into one image, and you could actually print and hang it in your living room.

Unique Engagement Animation

A Fun Engagement Photo Montage

After Red Rocks we drove to downtown Denver for a totally different urban style.  We really lucked out with the weather, especially considering it would have been nearly impossible to reschedule their engagement session since they were flying back to Atlanta the next day!  I was really glad it was warm and comfortable for them, but we also could have had some fun in the snow too.

Engagement Pictures in Downtown Denver

This picture below was a total candid that I happened to capture between shots as we were waiting for the crowds to clear on this pedestrian bridge.

Downtown Denver

Fun with Downtown Denver Bridges and Architecture

playing around

urban Engagement pictures in downtown Denver

Engagement Pictures in Downtown Denver

One of my favorite parts about shooting downtown is all the color and unique lighting you can find.  Even a temporary construction sidewalk can come in handy for pictures.  When I was editing these images for their engagement book I realized I captured the three primary colors – blue, yellow, and red, just a fun coincidence!

Fun with Primary Colors in Downtown Denver

one hot engagement ring!

Dramatic Sunset mixed with Urban Lights

Thanks Jay & Lee-Ann for letting me be  your tour guide and document this vacation that you will surely never forget!  I can’t wait to hear what you plan for your Atlanta wedding and am so excited that you want me to document your wedding day as well!

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