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Denver Photographer: Boudoir- Sexy Rocker Chick

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

All right, I’m having an issue.  I’m not really sure what to call this photo shoot?  Its not really pin-up- there’s no old-fashioned hairstyle, fake stages set-up, or Marilyn Monroe facial expressions.   And its not really boudoir- (technically meaning “lady’s private bedroom”), certainly no bed, no bedroom, and not quite the classic glamorous poses boudoir usually entails.  Instead we got pool tables, a grungy bar, a band room, an alley, and a basement.  Hmmm….Sexy Rocker Chick is the best I could come up, what would you call it?  Either way, its HOT, its SEXY, its FUN & a little GRUNGY….just how I like it!

Sexy Rocker Chick

Sexy Rocker Chick

Sexy Rocker Chick- its getting steamy in the band room

Sexy Rocker Chick- its getting steamy in the band room

pool table boudoir

pool table boudoir

This girl is brave, confident, and hot!  She is also a proud mama that is not afraid to show off her best features for the camera, for herself, and for her very thankful husband.  I love photographing unique boudoir portraits.  If you want to show off your sexiness and feel empowered, then consider doing a fun photo shoot, you won’t regret it!  And I promise, none of your images have to go online.  All of these images have been approved for display…but trust me, once you see how hot you can be, you will want to show them off too!

Keep scrolling down for a few more steamy shots! But fair warning- do not view these while at work, you may distract your boss.


green room at 3 Kings Tavern

pool table fun at 3 Kings on South Broadway

3Kings-Tavern-sexy boudoir pictures


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