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History of Boudoir | Denver, CO Boudoir Photography | Nicole Nichols Photography

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The term “boudoir” is French in origin and has been used to reference a woman’s bedroom or private space for a very long time. The concept of boudoir photography is on the more recent side of history, however not as recent as you might assume. Did you know that boudoir has roots as far back as the 1920s? Even before that, you could find postcards, sculptures, sketches and art that focused on the female form.

Recognize this painting? 19th century boudoir if you ask me!

Many think that boudoir is a newer concept and a “fad, ” but it’s 2020, so I guess it’s stuck around for a while, huh? 100 years is nothing to sneeze at!

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres: Grande Odalisque

Boudoir photography originated in the idea that nudity should be awe-inspiring, rather than something to be considered vulgar. Today, we see that boudoir photography has extended its reach to encompass a woman’s strength and empower her to reclaim her sensuality and sexuality. What was once utilized as a gift for one’s romantic partner, has in turn become something of a gift for the subject, too.

denver boudoidr photography

You’ll see that boudoir includes quite a wide range of scenarios now – from more of a glamour feel to fine art nudes, from conservative to voyeuristic. Boudoir has evolved to be a process that meaningfully showcases a subject’s personality and style. It was once reserved for someone with experience in front of the camera, but now there’s even more ladies without any experience, making the bold and empowering move to have a turn in front of the camera.

denver boudoir photography

It doesn’t matter your age, shape, color, or background…. comparing yourself to others is a fool’s game started by mass media. Our current culture is getting better at showcasing the beauty in ALL women, but we still have a ways to go till we’re all truly treated equally. EVERY woman deserves to look and feel like a queen, a modern day goddess, a boudoir babe!

denver boudoir photography

As time passes, we’re able to see that boudoir photography has a lot more power than we realize. While the body neutral and body positive movements are not direct residuals of boudoir photography, they certainly have impacted it – and vice versa. Many boudoir photographers (including me!) have seen how women’s self-esteem is impacted by these experiences. To some ladies a boudoir photo shoot has become a “must-do” and a defining moment of their own personal history. It makes me wonder what the next 100 years of boudoir photography will evolve into.

denver boudoir photography

Are you ready to be part of history with your own boudoir imagery? Then get in touch! Let’s chat about creating some timeless art just for you.

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