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Lifestyle Portrait Photographer- Denver, Colorado

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

boudoir portrait photography

Lifestyle Editorial Portraits in Denver, CO

Denver, CO lifestyle editorial portrait photographer

Typically Nijole is the one behind the camera, taking beautiful portraits of her children and friends.  Nijole recently celebrated a milestone birthday of 50 years young, and decided this time she wanted to be the one photographed. In honor of her birthday we did a photo session in an editorial style that displayed all her many talents such as painting, cooking, and of course- photography. The photos also show off her beauty at 50 and her favorite places around her Denver home such as her garden, and her extensive art and book collection.  I personally love doing these type of photo sessions that really show someone’s true personality in the comfort of their own home.  Doing pictures around someone’s house is such a more personal and unique experience then in a regular studio setting amongst backdrops & fake props.  You learn so much about someone when you enter their home, and thank you Nijole for allowing me to enter your home for a day and to document your life at 50.

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