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My Why – Part 1 | Helping You See The Beauty In Yourself | Denver, CO Boudoir Photography

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

“Why do I do what I do, what led me to be a boudoir photographer?”

Recently someone asked me this exact question. I had to take a step back and really consider it for myself. So I sat down and made a list of reasons for why I wanted to be a boudoir photographer. And then I realized I had so many reasons that I had to create a series of “My Whys”, and I had to share it with my fans! I actually first started this series as Facebook Lives in my private boudoir photography Facebook group. So if you want to see me on video chatting about this in more detail, please join my group. Then I realized I need to share these messages with my blog readers, so here I am with my 1st edition!

I’ll go into a lot more personal & professional motives for doing boudoir photography as this series unfolds, but for now the most basic reason of “Why I do what I do?” can be simplified to this Mission Statement: I want to increase beauty and love in the world by helping others not only see the beauty in the world around them but the beauty in themselves.

Denver, Colorado Boudoir Photographer

Photographers capture beauty

In photography, many of us start out taking pictures of the pretty things we find around us, like flowers, landscapes and nature. I did the same, taking pictures of interesting buildings, plants, animals, etc… However, when I got into portraiture, I quickly realized my passion was finding and capturing the beauty in each unique individual. I don’t mean just finding their best angles but helping them see for themselves how beautiful they truly are.

Denver, Colorado Boudoir Photographer

We are ALL Beautiful, sometimes we just need help seeing it.

We are all born with one body, one face. Sure, you could have plastic surgery – but for the most part, what you have is what you get. Some of us may have gotten the Kim Kardashian looks & body, but most of us have not. However, we are ALL beautiful in our own way. Why go through life hating the deck we were dealt? Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if we appreciated our own unique individual beauty? As an artist I’ve always worked hard to see the beauty around me and I strive to do the same with boudoir. It’s so important to me for my clients to see the beauty in themselves, too.

denver boudoir photography

looking in the mirror, what do you see?

When we look in the mirror, we don’t typically take the time to stop and think about the words we use to describe ourselves. It’s rare that we pause and reflect on how we feel and who we are, how that portrays us as people, and how deeply it’s ingrained in us. Seeing yourself differently is a whole process, though. It takes practice. It’s not always easy, and sometimes we need help with that.

That’s just one reason I’m a boudoir photographer here in Denver, CO – to help ladies just like you that may not think they’re beautiful and worthy enough for boudoir, to prove to you that you are worthy and everyone is gorgeous!

Denver, Colorado Boudoir Photographer

It’s not just you, its me too!

I struggle with these same things myself. I don’t walk up to the mirror everyday and say, “Oh, I look hot today!” We all have our good days and our bad days and sometimes we just need a little extra help to feel beautiful and see it for ourselves.

We need more positivity in this world, especially now!

With so much negativity and hate happening in this world I feel it’s so important for artists to step forward and remind everyone of the beauty that exists. That beauty is everywhere. I feel compelled to do my part to show you (and all women!) the beauty residing inside and out. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel better about our daily lives and the world around us.

Denver, Colorado Boudoir Photographer

So, there’s just a little glimpse into why I do what I do. What fuels this desire to capture beauty is more than just aesthetics. There’s a deeper purpose behind my artwork and I hope this helped you see a different side of what boudoir does.

If you think you’d like to experience it for yourself, let’s connect!

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