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2009 Wrap Up & Best Wedding Pictures from Denver & New Orleans

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


By far the biggest change I’ve had in 2009 is how much my business has grown. Behind the scenes it’s certainly more production & sales then glitz & glamour, and more 12 hour days then I could ever count. But it’s also fulfilling my dream of being an artist. It’s more work then I could have ever imagined, but having the ability to set my own rules, be creative with assignments, and educate myself with new techniques & equipment, is an amazing feeling! I am so truly thankful to have discovered my passion in photography, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The biggest reward for my work is having the opportunity to spend one of the best days of my client’s lives with them! Wedding days are full of love, smiles, tears, the kindest words and most embarrassing dancing. And to document this day and tell the tale of my client’s love for each other through their wedding pictures is truly a blessing. Knowing that my art, their wedding photographs, will be shared with generations to come, is an honor that I will always cherish. To see some of my favorite wedding photos from the year, including some album pages, check out the slideshow below. I know I left out a few weddings and have way more shots from some weddings then others, which certainly wasn’t intentional…but its already the end of January & its time to move forward with 2010! [mbspremium slideshow=1]

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