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2010 Photography Year in Review & What’s Next for 2011

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

After a long holiday vacation I am back in Denver, back to work and excited about what is to come for 2011!  I have copied my 2010 Year in Review Newsletter below, if you would like to stay updated with photo tips, events, & photography specials, then please Sign up for my newsletters. Cheers to 2011! Nicole

2010 Year in Review & What’s Next for 2011

Changes in economy= change of focus. Art sales took one of the biggest hits in this tight economy.  One adjustment I made was taking a big step back from my fine art photography to focus more on portraits and weddings.   I used the slow season to stay educated through various photography conventions and workshops.  Despite the economy, I ended up staying extra busy this year with jobs in both Denver & New Orleans, and even booked a few destination weddings to keep me shooting (& warm) in the winter months.

A helping hand…In 2010 I volunteered countless hours of photography services and donated some of my fine art & photo sessions to help raise money for various non-profits including the Boulder Women’s Health Clinic & the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana.  I also kept my calendar full as a volunteer board member for American Society of Media Photographers and as an active member of Association of Bridal Consultants and The Wedding Connectors.

I added associate photographer, Ashley Anderson, to my team. We have been working together for a few years and now she also assists me in the office & covers any events I am unable to photograph myself.  She is a true artist & an engaging people-person and I’m thrilled to have her working with me.

100th Wedding & Video?! In 2010 Nikon starting integrating HD video into pro SDLR cameras…and always wanting to be on top of the tech world, I anxiously jumped on board!  I certainly do not intend on switching to video, but I am excited to play with the idea of collaborating video clips with my photography to create truly unique fusion documentaries.   For my 100th wedding, I attempted my first mini video (just 20 seconds), during their 2nd line parade through the French Quarter.  As my first, it is far from impressive, but I received this response from the unsuspecting bride: We loved the video – thank you so much!! I just want to let you know how special the photos and video are — my dad passed away last week and so these are the last photographs I will ever have of him — and how precious they are to me.  Thank you for everything, we are more than pleased with it all.      – Lauren and Seth

Upcoming Events in 2011: Fri. Jan.14: A Bridal Soiree at The Opera House in downtown Denver Sun. Jan.30: Quality Hill Bridal Show at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion in Denver, Colorado Sat. Feb.5: The Wedding Connectors Open House in Denver, CO TBD: Nicole Nichols Photography Client & Vendor Appreciation Party in Denver, CO

Plans for 2011: * New website * Planning a trip to Africa in the Spring (part volunteer work & part pleasure) * Expanding my Boudoir & Baby photography line, as well as further outreach to the LGBT community

Happy New Year Everyone!  And remember…while you are waiting to get frisked at the airport security line…keep a positive outlook because you never know who will be standing right next to you.  This year I booked a wedding after a lucky encounter with a bride-to-be in a long airport security line. It reminded me how interlaced my business is with my life, and you never know who you could meet while waiting in line!

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