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Children Photography – Spring Easter Pictures

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Spring signifies new life, bright colors, warmer weather, and Easter celebrations.   For this photo session we had all of the above plus 2 unpredictable toddlers. Toddlers can be a lot of  fun to hang out with and photograph….or they can just throw a fit and cry.  These girls did both.  We had some cute colored baby chicks to play with which the girls adored.  However, the girls were unaware of their strength and did not know how to delicately hold the chickens.  Afraid of a nighmarish ending reminiscent to a scene from “Of Mice And Men” we decided it was best to put the chickens away and salvage their lives.   Ruby was not too fond of that idea and no matter how desperately we tried to bribe her with kind words and popsicles, she screamed and cried for as long as she could last.  Allison on the other hand took a melancholy stance as she watched her sister, but had no problems letting me follow her around and pose her for multiple pictures the rest of the day.

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