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Colorado Wedding Photography – Album Proof from Red Lion Wedding

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Anika & Chad got married at the Red Lion Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.   In case you didn’t hear the Boulder Creek flooded last week causing the collapse of the bridge that leads to the Red Lion.   The summer months are huge for weddings in Colorado because  brides don’t have to worry about winter storms and snow, but who would have thought you would have to worry about something like this in June.  I’m soo glad Anika & Chad had their wedding when they did!  At the bank yesterday I met someone who told me her niece is completely shattered by the news because she was supposed to get married there next weekend.   My heart truly goes out to all those couples that dreamed of a beautiful June wedding along the river and now have to go through all the stress of trying to find a new location last minute.  The Red Lion is one of my favorite places for weddings and I know it will be hard for them to find a replacement.   You can read a good article about the flood’s damage here: Red Lion closed this weekend, will lose $30,000 in wedding business – By Vanessa Miller

Play the slide show if you would like to watch the story of Anika & Chad’s Wedding day in their album proof below.  Keep in mind that each image below (other then the cover) is actually a 2 page spread, as if the book was open flat.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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