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Colorado Wedding Photography – Zori & Ben at The Pines of Genesee

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Zori & Ben’s wedding at The Pines of Genesse was beautiful, emotional, and very entertaining!  Of course no weddings are perfect, and we had a little of a late start when the limo driver accidentally went to The Westin Hotel in downtown Denver instead of Westminster, but luckily everything else worked itself into a perfect night.  We had great weather for the ceremony, held outside under the aspens & pine trees at the beautiful site of The Pines of Genesee.   The ceremony ended with a Bulagarian tradition of toe stomping…according to custom whomever gets their foot over the others first is head of the household, and Zori won that battle!  Then the reception started off with a tear jerking emotional series of toast, which would have even made me cry if I didn’t have to keep my eyes dry to focus on the shots.    After dinner, there was lots of dancing (boy can Ben really cut a rug on the dance floor!), including another Bulgarian tradition of the chicken dance.  And no, this is no American chicken dance with flapping arms and cheesy music….but a dance entailing a real chicken and some kind of tease and contest involving money as well.  I didn’t really catch the meaning of that one, but it sure was different & very entertaining!  You can catch a shot of their “chicken dance” in the slideshow.  Zori & Ben are now headed off to Bulgaria for their honeymoon & to attend her maid of honor’s wedding.   I’m anxious to get through my edit and relive the joyous night, but for now here are a few pictures to enjoy:

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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