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Denver Wedding Photographer: Church Ranch Event Center

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Sarah & Michael’s Wedding Picture Preview: A Little Color, a  Little Chemistry, and a Whole Lot of LOVE!

unique picture of wedding couple

the bride & groom at Chuch Ranch Event Center

Sarah & Michael recently held their wedding at the Church Ranch Event Center in Westminster, Colorado. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of unique elements added in, literally.  Since Michael is a self-proclaimed science nerd they named all of the guest tables after elements of the periodic table.  You had to find your name on the element table to know whether you were sitting at the Helium or Hydrogen table.  And my favorite part-  for their ceremony instead of lighting candles or pouring sand, they joined chemicals together!  Don’t ask me what chemicals they used (I always had trouble remembering those names in Science class), but one was blue and one was green and when they poured them together they exploded…just like their hearts when they fell in love…awww…such a fun unique wedding!  Scroll down to see samples of their chemistry.

Picture of wedding chemistry beakers & element labeled guest tables.

Science themed wedding complete with chemistry beakers & element labeled tables.

While the guys got dressed and ready at The Westin, Sarah along with her mom and 8 bridesmaids all met up at the Church Ranch Event Center to get prepared for the wedding.  Sarah wore a gorgeous lace dress she found at the Bridal Collection.  Samantha Madrid from Serendipity Salon & Spa did her hair and makeup.  And Sarah’s mom was there to give lots of support and hugs.

Mother and daughter share a moment before the wedding

Mother and daughter share a moment before the wedding

portrati of a beautiful bride in CO

Sarah was a beautiful glowing bride

With such a big wedding party and lots of family to photograph, Sarah & Michael decided to do a first sight before their ceremony to allow more time for pictures.  And I was so glad they did because there are lots of amazing pictures we wouldn’t have had time to capture otherwise.  Not only does a first sight let  you get more pictures out of the way before the ceremony, but it relieves a lot of tension for couples when instead of hiding from each other they can have a romantic moment to themselves to see each other before the ceremony.  Just for fun I set up my second camera to do a time-lapse of their first sight.  Check it out below.

romantic moment at Church Ranch Event Center

A romantic moment at Church Ranch Event Center

picture documenting the wedding party at Church Ranch Event Center

documenting the wedding party having fun at Church Ranch Event Center

Their friend Bret performed their ceremony which added a personal and unique touch.  I used my ninja skills to shoot through the trees to capture the picture below.  It was a very hot and sunny day, but with all the rain we’ve had in Denver this year we were just thankful they were able to hold their wedding outside.


Using my ninja skills to photograph the wedding while hiding behind some trees

unique denver wedding ceremony

What makes a unique Colorado wedding ceremony? Blowing up chemicals in the name of love!

bride and groom dip and kiss during their wedding ceremony at Church Ranch Event Center

A perfect kiss & dip!

Fun family formals

Fun family formals

There are so many benefits to having two photographers for your wedding day.  One of my favorites reasons is that as the lead photographer people are often looking straight at my camera and paying more attention to me.  So while I’m directing the family or the bride and groom on where to stand and look, my second photographer is off to the side going unnoticed with her long telephoto lens to capture more candid up close and personal shots.  Such as the one above and the stunning black and white below.


Benefits of 2 photographers- 2 angles and totally different looks from the same pose

picture of wedding couple in black and white

Sarah & Michael share a romantic moment alone

picture of bride & groom at Church Ranch Event Center

One last quick portrait before being announced in as husband and wife

picture of wedding invitation with wedding rings

wedding invitation with wedding rings

picture of classic teal and yellow wedding cake

teal and yellow wedding details and cake

Azucar Bakery created their unique wedding cake to match their bright wedding colors of light teal and, grey ,and yellow.  Newberry Brothers designed all of the bouquets and flowers.  Another unique element I loved of their wedding was that the bride did a special dance with her grandfather and the groom danced with his grandmother.  It was such a sweet touching moment and they are so blessed that their grandparents were able to be there and share the day with them.  You can tell by the expression on their faces how much it meant to them.

picture of bride dancing with her grandfather

a unique bride & grandfather dance

a unique grandmother dance with the groom

a unique grandmother dance with the groom

DJ Brian with Dance Trax Productions was amazing!  He didn’t just play one song after the next, he cut and combined songs which kept the energy high and everyone on their toes.  I can’t remember the last time I saw such a crowded dance floor at a wedding!

fun dancing pictures

The dance floor stayed full all night long

fun dancing pictures by Denver wedding photographer Nicole Nichols

fun on the dance floor

Before we knew it the last song was playing and it was time for the party to end.  The guests were having such a blast on the dance floor that if given the option I’m pretty sure they could have danced till sunrise .  But they had one last event of the night- their bubble send-off.  The DJ and I  helped coordinate getting everyone lined up outside to give them a fun and memorable goodbye.

picture of bride and groom bubble send off  at end of night

A fun bubble send off at the end of the night

I  loved being a part of Sarah & Michael’s fun and unique wedding!  And by the smiles on everyone’s faces, and the fact that hardly anyone (even the non-dancers!) left the party early, it was evident everyone truly enjoyed themselves.  Best wishes Sarah & Michael to many happy years of chemistry together.

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