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Denver Wedding Transportation & Limo Tips

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

If you are planning a wedding or a large event transportation is an important detail to consider.    I had a limo for my wedding party on my wedding day and it was such a fun experience for our large group to be able to ride together in style to the wedding.  No worries about traffic, getting lost, parking, and to top it off we could legally drink while someone else worried about driving!  And as a wedding photographer I get to document some of those fun moments and use the luxury limo or vintage car as a backdrop for pictures.  Here are just a few pictures I collected from different weddings feauturing all kinds of transportation options from hummer limos to antique cars.  And check out this article below by guest writer Alan with the Denver Party Bus for more important transportation tips to consider.

Denver Transportation Tips Transportation is an important choice to make when you’re planning an event in Denver, but especially for milestones like weddings. There’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to hire a transportation company, and it can be tough to know where to begin if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips to consider when you’re trying to hire a Denver or Boulder Party Bus for a special event!

Make sure their website is easy to navigate A transportation company that cares about their clients experience will have a website that is easily accessible across multiple devices. It says a lot about a business when they haven’t updated their website for years, especially in today’s digital climate. Keep this in mind when you’re searching online!

Check that they’ve been to your destinations The places on your itinerary should definitely be a topic of discussion with any potential transportation services. This becomes even more important with events like Denver weddings. You’re looking for a company that has been to these areas in the past because parking, pick up and drop off locations are important details to be familiar with for efficiency.

Ensure that there aren’t any extra fees Some party bus and limo companies have a sneaky way of adding in extra charges. Make sure to ask if their prices are all inclusive! You can also take it a step further by asking if they have a sample contract that you can look over. Look closely for anything that talks about charges for tip to the chauffeur, fuel, additional tax, and potential damage charges.

Ask about their policy for viewing vehicles If you have the ability to do so, viewing the limo or party bus that you’re interested in is the best way to ensure that it’s up to par. Pictures can be deceiving, and checking out the fleet in person will give you the best possible idea of what to expect for your event in Denver. Honest companies usually have no issues with this, so be wary of any company that avoids a visit at all costs. They might not even own their vehicles!

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