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Errika & Philip – Colorado Wedding Picture Preview

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Wedding at Red Rocks by CO wedding photographer Nicole Nichols Photography

Wedding at Red Rocks by CO wedding photographer Nicole Nichols Photography

Errika met Philip in New York where they just bought a house together, but they decided to come back to beautiful Colorado for their wedding.  This bride & groom’s unique wedding style mixed urban city with breathtaking Colorado landscapes.  And they didn’t leave any details out from the bobble head custom cake toppers to their own signature wine labels.  Their day started with a wedding ceremony at the beautiful Immaculate Conception Cathedral in downtown Denver. Then we went to the Union Station for pictures with the bride and groom, where we almost got thrown out by a grumpy security guard. Everyone then took the provided buses to Red Rocks Country Club in Morrison for the reception.  Red Rocks Country Club is a gorgeous setting for a wedding, and its amazing how varied the landscape is just about 40 minutes from downtown Denver.  The reception was filled with guests, great food, and lots of entertainment.  The best man’s toast was the funniest toast I have ever heard…I’m not even going to try to repeat or summarize it, but you can see the couple’s reaction to the toast in the slideshow below, they could barely contain themselves!  The Spotlight band also put on a great performance, and had no problem packing the dance floor.  Please check out their picture preview slideshow below and be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks Erika & Philip for allowing me to be a part of this special day!

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