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Jaci’s Bridal Shower at Cru Wine Bar in Denver – Picture Preview

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Jaci is getting married in January at Bella Serra.  And to celebrate all her girlfriends got together for a bridal/bachelorette shower at Cru Wine Bar in downtown Denver.  The evening was filled with food, games, laughter, and of course lots of wine!  One of the games involved questions previously asked of  Jaci’s fiance about herself.  One of them being…

“What is Jaci’s favorite drink?” “Wine!” shouted Jaci (and yes her fiance got the question right)

So of course it only made sense to host her bridal shower at a wine bar.  The girls took off afterward for an entertaining night at Comedy Works , The Piano Bar…and who knows what else, some things are better left undocumented!   Just kidding Jaci, I know you were good  😉

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