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More Wedding Albums – Denver, CO & New Orleans, LA

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

All of my wedding packages include a custom designed wedding album, so I spend quite a lot of time creating my client’s wedding story. Putting together these books are one of my favorite parts, I love tying all the images together to tell the story and finding custom details to match each bride & groom’s unique style. After I put together the “wedding story” I then set up an album design consultation with my clients to make sure the design is exactly how they want it…after all they are going to have it for the rest of their lives and it will be passed down for countless generations, so gotta make sure everyone is completely happy with it. After the design is confirmed I then go through and prep each page for optimum printing and retouch every image to make sure there are no yucky facial blemishes, distracting exit signs in the background, or any other stray marks that can be burned, dodged, cloned, etc… Sure its a lot of work, but I wouldn’t feel that my job is complete if my brides & grooms didn’t have a beautiful wedding book to relive their wedding day by. Below are my last album designs of 2010, whoo, what a year!

Red Rocks Wedding

Red Rocks Wedding in Colorado

City Park Wedding in New Orleans

City Park Wedding in New Orleans

Grant Humphrey Mansion Wedding

Grant Humphrey Mansion Wedding in Denver

Wedding Album - Colorado

Peace Lutheran & Stonebrook Manor Wedding in Colorado

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