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Officially a Green Wedding Vendor for Earth Day 2010

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

OK,  so I’ve been “green” since childhood – I was always into recycling, my barbie doll’s cars were made of reused shoe boxes, and I was VP of the 4-H club in elementary school.   I was so into saving the planet, that my mom thought I would find a career involving helping nature or animals, like a park ranger or a vet.  My friends in high school called me a tree-hugging hippie because I would get mad if they littered, I did my history project on Woodstock, and loved to find vintage clothes & antiques at thrift stores (and I still do). I didn’t know being environmentally conscious in the 21st century would find a way of becoming trendy, but I’m very happy that the rest of the world is finally taking notice in the importance of our planet! The government is offering tax incentives for purchasing energy saving appliances, companies are becoming more environmentally aware and even changing their colors to try to prove it (did you notice when all the Wal-Mart signs went from blue to green?),  and brides are committing to “green” weddings.  Which for some brides means only choosing vendors that are considered “green.”  So to make sure potential brides know just how much of a tree-hugger I really am, I got certified as a Green Vendor through Momentville. I honestly am not changing much about my business, since I’ve always focused on recycling & re-using, but am going to try even harder to only buy recycled materials & cut back on waste.  If you’re a bride considering a green wedding, then check out this post on Bridal Tweet about ways to have a green wedding. And in honor or Earth Day, please enjoy the nature photos below as a reminder of why being green is so important!

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