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Wedding Pictures from the Cielo at Castle Pines Event Center

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


I recently had the pleasure of photographing Brianne & Brennan’s beautiful winter wedding, which took place at Cielo at Castle Pines Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Cielo is a new wedding venue and this was my first time shooting a wedding there, so I was super excited for this opportunity!  It is always a risk having a winter wedding in snowy unpredictable Colorado, but luckily the skies stayed clear for the wedding day! Everything was gorgeous from the hand painted aisle runner to the elaborate cakes.  And you could certainly tell how much of an impact this couple made on their friends and family, because they had more toasts and tears then I’ve seen in a long time.  Considering how dark a winter night wedding is,  I was also really glad to have my brand new camera and flash.   It was incredible how high I could set my ISO and still get sharp and beautiful pictures.  Night photography is not easy, but having the right equipment definitely helps.  Just check out the detail and lighting in these photos, you can even see the expressions of the people in the backgrounds.  I looove my new gear and can’t wait to use it for my next wedding!

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