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A Perfect 100th Wedding – Jackson Square Ceremony & 2nd Line Parade in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Photographing my 100th Wedding-  A Perfect New Orleans Wedding in the French Quarter!

Plus it’s My Wedding Anniversary Today!

This weekend was a huge milestone for me as I photographed my 100th wedding!  It’s hard to believe I have photographed so many weddings in the past 5 years, but it excites me to think what my next 100 will be like..hopefully more destinations such as Hawaii & Paris, and more creative ways to showcase my art such as with the fusion of photography and video.   Lauren & Seth’s wedding was perfect for my 100th with a beautiful intimate ceremony in Jackson Square and a bride and groom full of emotion and love.  Lauren had all kinds of unique details and surprises in store for her guests including a fun New Orleans 2nd line parade through the French Quarter.  I was so happy Lauren & Seth chose New Orleans for their destination wedding, and that they found me so I was able to celebrate this milestone and their special day with them. Their wedding also fell on the same weekend as mine exactly two years ago.  On March 30, 2008 I was staying in the French Quarter for my own wedding and did a photo shoot in Jackson Square before heading off to the ceremony.  Unfortunately, my husband had to stay in Denver and work but we will be going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.   A toast to lots more years of love, weddings, & photography!!  xoxoxo

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