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Baseball, Beer, and History – Denver Engagement Session

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What do you get when you combine baseball, beer, and a state capitol?? You get Emily & Andrew’s perfect engagement photo shoot!  At our design consultation I learned about their love for baseball (they just moved here so not yet a Rockies fan, but its only a matter of time), their love for beer (we just missed each other at the Great Am. Beer Festival!), and a love for history (well at least for school teacher Andrew).  So I scouted some locations, did some research, and found 3 perfect spots for our photo shoot!  Luckily I happened to know someone at the Great Divide Brewery who gave us backstage passes to their brewery warehouse – along with some amazing beer!  I did Emily’s sister’s engagement session last year and was stoked when Emily called me to do hers!  We had a great time and got some amazing and unique photos!  Thanks again to all those who helped make this shoot happen, including my wonderful assistant Madigan!

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