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CO Engagement Photographer: Auraria Campus & Downtown Denver

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Jessica & Jeff’s Engagement Photo Shoot around Downtown Denver


Engagement Photography in Downtown Denver

Jessica & Jeff both went to school at Auraria in downtown Denver, so we started their engagement session by doing pictures around the campus. The Auraria Campus has some really fun sculptures that were perfect for a few pictures, as well as a great view of downtown Denver. After walking around there for a bit we headed across the Cherry Creek Trail for some pictures around the Contemporary Art Museum. Someone had written on chalk on the brick “Will you marry me?” along with a bunch of hearts. So we had to take advantage of the graffiti someone left behind, and Jeff recreated his proposal to Jessica for some fun pictures utilizing the writing. Next they changed outfits for a different look for some night shots downtown. It started to rain a bit, but thankfully I had grabbed my umbrella on the way out the door, and it just happened to match their outfit and be a perfect addition to their pictures. At sunset we took photos around a very modern industrial bridge on the Platte River, and then ended their engagement photo shoot with some night shots along the water. Jessica & Jeff have so much positive energy and love towards each other, that it made my job of getting romantic engagement pictures of them that much easier. I’m sure these two lovebirds will truly be together forever and I can’t wait to share their wedding day with them. This beautiful couple is having their wedding this fall at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, CO. I have done a few weddings at Blackstone and it is a gorgeous venue for weddings, can’t wait to see you there Jessica & Jeff!

Play the slideshow below to see more pictures of Jessica & Jeff’s engagement session in downtown Denver.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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